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Workshop "Self-funding of farmers’organizations"

by Julie Flament, 18 September 2012

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Currently, the dependence of most farmers’ organizations vis-à-vis external donors is very strong. The proportion of financial resources from their members or benefits is low.

The consequences are numerous: a structural weakness for course of action, the obligation to devote resources in searching for external funding, the obligation to meet the administrative requirements of external donors, the risk of neglecting the specific aims of the organization by obliged adaptation to external donors strategic, the risk of distance between the FO and its members, and a lack of members ownership in their organization.

Accordingly, the challenge for farmers’ organizations to seek for self-funding opportunities is high.

Exploring opportunities for generating own financial resources and capitalizing experiences of organizations in self-funding can help FO’s strengthening in terms of independency and sustainability.

This is the objective of the seminar organized by the CSA in Brussels, on November 30, 2012.

This event will bring together about forty participants, including a dozen representatives of South FO but also representatives of Belgian and European agricultural organizations, agri-agencies, NGOs and representatives of funding agencies and development institutions.

Registration before November 15 by sending the registration form at registration[at]

The programme is available hereunder.