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Fair Trade : Overview, Impact, Challenges

1er octobre 2008

"The Fair Trade (FT) movement is dynamic and diverse. Although there is a lack of
consensus on definitions and criteria the FT movement is united by the view that
conventional trading relations between the South and the North are both unfair and
unsustainable. The core of the FT movement comprises southern producer
organisations, northern Alternative Trade Organisations (ATOs) that have their roots
in the NGO sector, their umbrella associations, and labelling organisations. The FT
movement is committed to the payment of minimum guaranteed prices and price
premiums to southern producers, to direct and long term trading relationships, and the
provision of pre-financing, information and training to southern producers and their
organisations. FT concentrates on smallholder crops, plantation crops, and smallscale
manufactured goods. There are significant overlaps between the FT movement
and initiatives aimed at other ethical dimensions of trade, and environmentally
sustainable trade."