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Agricultural Trade and the Doha Round. Lessons from Commodity Studies

1er octobre 2008

"While global analytical approaches to agricultural trade liberalization yield large gains
for most economies, there are substantial variations in the policy regimes across commodities. To
clarify the multiplicity of distortions and impacts, the World Bank’s Trade department undertook a
series of commodity studies. The studies highlight the important challenges faced by negotiating
countries in the Doha round of the WTO trade negotiations. The studies provide a sharper look at
the North-South dimensions of the agricultural trade debate with the North’s trade barriers, domestic
support, and tariff escalation. They also underline the South-South challenge on border protection,
and reduced rural income opportunities for the lowest-income countries due to policies in
higher-income countries depressing world prices. Agricultural trade liberalization would induce
significant prices increases for most commodities."