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PAKISAMA & AFA - Philippines

In Philippines, the government has developed a strong interest for public purchases program and has been in contact for several years with the Brazilian government in order to discuss the Hunger Zero program and the implementation of a similar program in Philippines. This program is called Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty and was launched in 2013. CSA has been working with Pakisama, a national FO, and AFA, a regional FO, in order to increase the collaborative aspects of this program and the need of inclusion of a national farmers’ organization to ensure the success of a public purchases program. In the framework of this collaboration, CSA, AFA and Pakisama have done several lobby activities towards the multiple ministries and departments in charge of the program. (See final activity report in Publication & Communication- part)

- PAKISAMA is implementing a project called : “Developing Institutional Purchase in 4 provinces in the Philippines”

- AFA is implementing a project called : “Expanding involvement of Farmers’ Organizations in Public Programs Generating Employment and Promoting Sustainable Agriculture”

  • Regional workshop - Institutional Food Purchase (2015)

    The Regional Workshop on Institutional Food Purchase (November 24) shall be a regional learning session that will distill and share the lessons learned to date of FOs’ engagement in institutional food purchase in the Philippines (by PAKISAMA members and ARBOs) but also in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Generally, the objective is to present and learn from existing initiatives and government policy framework on institutional purchase at the country, sub/regional and international level.

    Since 2010, the Pambansang Kilusan ng mga Samahang Magsasaka (PAKISAMA), or National Confederation of Small Farmers’ and Fishers’ Organizations, has been involved in building the capacities of agri-based enterprises of their member farmers organizations (FOs).

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  • National workshop - Fighting Hunger through Partnerships (2015)

    On March 24, 2015, PAKISAMA organized a forum on “Fighting Hunger through Partnerships : A Forum on Brazil’s Zero Hunger Program, Global and Asian Institutional Purchase, and the Philippines’ Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty (PAHP)” in Quezon City, Philippines. The forum aims to share experience on Institutional Purchase in Brazil to inspire PAHP participants from government, farmers organizations (FOs) and CSOs to engage in constructive partnership in the conduct of PAHP.

    Seventy (70) representatives from various farmers’ federations and CSOs from different regions of the country, and two government agencies involved in building agri-based enterprises attended the forum. It was organized in partnership with Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) and Belgium-based Collectif Stratégies Alimentaires (CSA).

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